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Since its inception in early 2008, MIAT has focused on the production of brushless motors, widely used in uav, flight machines, models, professional equipment and other fields.

In unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and other professional flying machines under the trend of sustainable development, and motor as power system of the core components, stable, durable and consistent, efficiency, power, such as performance, has become the driving the basic requirement of professional machine, but as a result of application in the professional machine motor specifications, quantity is little, and the quality of the product demand is high, in the domestic market, many motor manufacturer mass produced on the production line, not enough to meet the basic requirements of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and professional flying machines.

MIAT put forward the concept of power series as early as 2014, and provided products for some professional customers, which was well recognized by customers and recognized by the market. In order to promote the series products to the global customers more professionally and guide the market with high standards, MIAT selects the production supervisors with more than 8 years of experience and jointly sets up the series production department with extreme requirements. According to one person docking a motor, with the extreme technical requirements and testing standards, professional marketing, sincere after-sales service, to create high-quality power series products.
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