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MIAT is an electric power system r&d and manufacturing company. Since its establishment in 2008, MIAT has been committed to the development and continuous progress in the field of aviation aircraft, providing high-performance brushless motor, propeller and motor controller for aircraft manufacturers and aviation enthusiasts worldwide.

After more than ten years of hard work, MIAT owns the world's leading power products of aviation aircraft, and has grown into a professional brushless motor manufacturer integrating r&d, design, processing and manufacturing. Professional production of more efficient and safer multi-rotor brushless motor, agricultural plant protection brushless motor, aerial photography brushless motor, UAV accessories. For uav enterprises supporting 0.1kg-100kg tension of efficient and stable power system, for many model fans to provide professional and stable cost-effective products, but also uncompromising for all kinds of models to provide the ultimate power. Relying on excellent quality and the support of users in dozens of countries around the world, it has created a unique brand positioning in the field of model airplanes, unmanned aerial vehicles and plant protection power. It is the MIAT, which is both cost-effective and powerful.

In the future! Zhuhai Magnetic Force will continue to focus on technology and product development with enthusiasm and passion to provide more efficient power system solutions for aviation and intelligent equipment.

MIAT- keep going, keep improving!
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