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Research and development design team.

We have an experienced r & D and design team. They have been working on model airplanes and unmanned aerial vehicles since 2009 and are committed to providing a one-stop power solution for the uav industry

High quality machine

High-quality magnet, imported bearings, perfect manual winding, high-precision machining, from design, raw material selection, machining, product assembly, to the final appearance inspection, we do every detail, strive to provide customers with high-quality, efficient, high-performance brushless UAV motor. The products meet national standards and have obtained CE and RoHS certification

Pre-design simulation and standardized testing

Need to customize brushless motor for your rack? Contact us, we provide professional pre-design simulation and standardized product testing, in the fastest professional way, let your IDEA into the product, let you install the rack test as soon as possible

Small batch customization

Flexible and fast small batch customization services, dedicated to providing uav manufacturers with fast response and high degree of cooperation supporting services, saving customers' development time and cost

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