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2013 China International General Aviation Convention a contracted amount of 22.9 billion yuan
October 20, 2013 Signing and China International General Aviation Convention results conference held in Xi'an project. The conference contract amount realized 22.9 billion yuan, trading 106 general aviation aircraft.

       This session a total of 46 contracted projects, general aviation aircraft and aircraft transaction machine manufacturing projects accounted for 40% of the total project contract. In these projects, general aircraft machine manufacturing and maintenance projects 9, contracted amount of 1.935 billion yuan; general aviation park construction and operation of the project seven, contracted amount of 8.76 billion yuan; 14 equipment manufacturing projects, contract amount 5.875 billion yuan; 7 infrastructure projects, contract amount 6.086 billion yuan. Aircraft sales contracted projects 9, 106 aircraft transactions, the amount of 254 million yuan contract. In 106 aircraft transactions, the Shandong Bin Ao Aircraft Manufacturing Co., 36, Germany 51 light aircraft sales, Xi'an United Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. Sales 6 rotorcraft.

       In signing funded project, to include aviation parts manufacturing, manufacturing, general aviation four areas of new materials and general aircraft aviation services. In addition, Xi'an air base were signed 23 projects with a total investment of 13.25 billion yuan. Weinan Luyang Lake Development Zone signed a total of 10 projects totaling 9.081 billion yuan signed. This result shows that with the China International Conference of brand awareness and improve navigation, Shaanxi has become one of the "bridgehead" Chinese shipping industry. (Reporter: Shen Qian)

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