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5 years at least double the amount of general aviation aircraft ownership
China Air Transport Association, General Aviation Commission yesterday released the report of the general aviation industry in Beijing, said that by 2015, domestic general aviation aircraft ownership will reach 2031 or even higher, in order to meet the potential demand for basic forestry, petroleum, marine and other industries. This is lower than the current general aviation aircraft ownership, doubled. Listed companies engaged in general aviation aircraft have Hafei, CITIC Offshore Helicopter, Hongdu aviation.

Currently, the Commission is navigable exchange general aviation airport planning, information systems, and small aircraft research supervision with the civil aviation sector. In addition, the formation of the general airport supplement fixed base of operations (FBO) and Flight Service Station (FSS) construction has been put on the agenda.

Market space for the next decade or up to 20 times
General aviation refers to civil aircraft engaged in civil aviation activities outside the public air transport, including industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, construction and flight operations as well as health care, disaster relief, meteorological exploration, marine monitoring, scientific experiments, education and training, culture sports and other aspects of flight activities. Improve general aviation market with a public (Business) travel (including private travel), training and teaching, flight operations or other activities components. China's current general aviation market after the two main.

According to the general aviation industry development report shows that at the end of 2010, the domestic general early 1000 the number of aircraft, including 166 helicopters, 403 aircraft teaching experiment. According to the report predicts that by the end of 2015, the net increase of 1,124 general aviation aircraft, including a net increase of 71 helicopters, teaching verify the net 518 aircraft.

Reportedly, the forecast does not include the business jet and commercial markets. Reporter in an interview that, if coupled with some of these markets, domestic general aviation aircraft in 2020 will reach 20 000, for the current fleet of 20 times.

Four or pilot construction general airport
And general aviation aircraft must be adapted to increase to increase generic airport. Navigation Commission Director General Wang Xia said, the current general airport planning special mission aircraft in the first based on a certain amount or a radius area of the main building of the general aviation airport, and then add a certain number of fixed landing point, in order to form a general airport network coverage nationwide.

Currently, both the general airport transportation and airport, heliport size and pattern still does not meet the development needs of general aviation. According to reports, in which the key is a fixed base operator (FBO) Flight Service Station (FSS) of the building.

According to the findings of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Comprehensive Transportation Emergency Relief Promotion Center, in order to achieve more than 90% of the population can enjoy the air rescue service within 40 minutes, the total number of general aviation emergency needs 350-400 points, which need to create rescue field around 100-150 points. Therefore, these studies will be "five-second" period goal for: key consideration population density, stronger regional economy and the state's key tourist attractions, to achieve more than 90% of our population coverage area, including the Northeast, East, South and North China region in Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin and Shaanxi Province, and with due regard to the Construction field southwest, northwest, the capital city of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia and other surrounding areas. A total layout of general aviation emergency rescue network reached 258 points, except for the use of both generic and airports and transportation airport, yet to the new general aviation emergency heliport 68.

According to the plan for the emergency departments of civil affairs field points, combined with the airport layout and low-altitude airspace management system, general aviation FBO report that should be carried out and FSS pilot work in Shenyang, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, four places.

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