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Characteristics of Plant Protection UAV

1, the use of efficient brushless motor as a driving force, the body vibration is small, you can carry precision instruments, spraying pesticides and more accurate;

The terrain requirements are low, the work is not restricted by altitude, in Tibet, Xinjiang and other high altitude areas;

3. Take off short, high efficiency, high attendance;

environmental protection, no emissions, in line with national energy conservation and green organic agriculture development requirements;

5. easy maintenance, use, maintenance costs low;

6. The overall size is small, light weight, easy to carry;

7. Provide protection for agricultural unmanned aerial vehicles;

8. With real-time image transmission, posture real-time monitoring;


13, out of control, the helicopter in the loss of remote control signal can be automatically hover in place, waiting for signal recovery;

Automatic balance of the fuselage, rocker corresponding to the body posture, the maximum posture tilt 45˚, suitable for smart large mobile flight action;

13GPS gesture mode (standard version of this feature can be obtained through the upgrade), precise positioning and height lock, even in the windy weather, hover accuracy will not Affected;

The new rotor and the main rotor power separation, making the main rotor motor power from the tail rotor wear, to further improve the load capacity, while strengthening the aircraft The safety and handling. This is also a direction for unmanned helicopter development.

high speed centrifugal nozzle design, not only can control the liquid spray speed, you can also control the size of the drug droplets, the control range of 10-150 microns.

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