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There are sophisticated brushless motor technology and CNC machining equipment, has over the years
1 good safety
1, spraying personnel safety, pesticide spraying machine plant protection personnel remote operation, so that the body is less susceptible to drug abuse, to avoid heat stroke poisoning.
2, environmental security, can be oriented in the air spot spraying of pesticides, crop protection UAV strong air flow generated by the liquid rotor direct pressure acting on all levels of crop pesticides with the air can penetrate to the roots of crops, the back of the leaves, make pest nowhere to run, environmentally safe.
3. Fog Machine flight safety, aircraft can hover, fly away set high set, wherein the multi-rotor aircraft flying smoothly plant protection, safe and reliable performance.

Second, efficient water saving
1, high efficiency, can be sprayed 1-2 acres per minute a day (by 6-8 hours) of an aircraft can be sprayed plant protection 300-600 acres, the equivalent of 30-100 individual ergonomics, the liberation of labor.
2, spraying effect, be 0.5-2 meters close crop spraying mist flow up and down the penetrating power, low drift, uniform fine droplets, can improve the utilization of more than 30% of pesticides.
3, water-saving and environmental protection, the use of ultra-low volume application techniques, spraying only 400-600 ml per acre.

Third, easy to operate
1, easy to use, the operator subject to 10-15 days of training, you can learn to fly pesticide plant protection machine operation and routine maintenance.
2, simple operation, plant protection only needs in the fields of open space will be able to bring drugs vertical takeoff and landing, flexible and convenient.
3, dosing, replace the battery convenient, a few minutes to complete the flying anti-drug and battery replacement and installation.

Fourth, use, maintenance cheaper
Whole long life, fuel costs 0.4 yuan / mu, while maintaining low cost, easy parts replacement.

Fifth, the Almighty practical
Plant protection spraying machine is a low-flying remote control, crop safety, widely used in wheat, soybeans, rice, corn, sorghum, sugar cane, fruit trees, gardens, and other insect pest control.

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