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Plant Protection UAV Applications
First, the introduction of plant protection UAV
An emerging high-tech, cutting-edge technology
UAV technology involved in a wide range of fields. With the development of science and technology, the world are seeking to develop the UAV industry. UAVs in military weaponry has become a national biggest bright spot. More extensive use in civilian areas: Because UAVs have low operating costs, no casualties risk, good mobility, can be carried out over the horizon fly, easy to use, safe and efficient features, more and more industries, sectors and the unit is using the UAV to replace the traditional way of working.

2, the social demand, talent shortage
With the rapid rise of China's national economy, the UAV career gained rapid development, at present, national authorities and private enterprises emerged a large number of UAV development, production and use of the unit. Many industries and sectors have begun to use the equipment and UAVs. Currently, restricting our UAV development "bottleneck" is "Organic nobody", many production units and equipment use UAV flight control personnel is very scarce, but domestic UAV flight control system training division school is almost empty.

Second, UAV applications
Can be used for civilian pest monitoring, spraying pesticides, highway patrol, aerial survey, power lines cruise, urban planning, public security proof, geological prospecting, forest fire prevention, business performance, disaster relief, aerial aerial, land and resources management, ecological and environmental protection the field of urban planning and municipal management, land use surveys, water resources development, power line patrol lines, mobile base station monitoring, forest fire department, the agricultural sector, such as pest and disease monitoring and prevention

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